Ayurvedic treatment for migraine

Ayurvedic treatment for migraine

Ayurvedic treatment can be beneficial for migraine.

Migraine is an old neurological syndrome characterized by recurrent severe headache, irritability and nausea. Acute pain in migraine usually starts on the forehead, around the eyes, or on one or both sides of the head and it gradually gets worse. Strong music or bright light can increase this situation further. Migraine attacks can last for a few days and the severity of the pain may be disabled.

Ayurvedic treatment for migraine !

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Ayurvedic treatment for migraine

Ayurvedic treatment for migraine !

In Ayurveda, migraine pain is classified as tridosha. Ayurveda's traditional medical system can be highly effective in reducing migraine headaches through a systematic treatment process.

Ayurvedic approach to migraine

According to Ayurveda, migraine is caused due to imbalance in tridosha,  or three basic types of energy: Vata (wind energy), Pitta (fire energy), and Kapha (water energy). Of these three, Vata ,Pitta and kapha defects are mainly responsible for this disorder. Their imbalances create deep roots in the body, which include weak digestion and nervous system. The part is responsible for the nervous system and brain activity. Pitta regulates the dispersion of blood vessels. By studying external symptoms, it is possible to identify which of the three flaws is attacking.

  • ~ Migraines due to Vata dosha: constipation, dry skin, and acute pain
  • ~ Migraines due to Pitta dosha: irritation, sensitivity of light, burning in the eyes
  • ~ Migraines due to Kapha dosha: headache with pain, nausea, fatigue

Ayurvedic treatment for migraine !


Migraine treatment through Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment of migration is centered around the purification and balance of defects. With the modification of yoga, Panchakarma, good dietary habits and lifestyle, through the application of ayurvedic medicines, addressing the underlying imbalance, Migraine can provide complete relief to the patients.

Changes in diet: 

According to Ayurveda, maintaining a good diet is necessary to restore stability and balance in the body. Based on the symptoms, frequency and intensity of the attack, Ayurvedic health counselor can recommend diet to reduce imbalance in the root cause of migraine pain.


Simple yoga practices can take a long way to improve imbalances which cause the onset of migraine attacks. By following specific yoga practices under an expert trainer, one can reduce stress, increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, and reduce the chance of migraine attacks.

Ayurvedic medicines and Panchakarma: 

Ayurveda has various herbal formulas and medicines which are beneficial against migraine attacks. An Ayurvedic expert can determine the appropriate medicines and therapies needed to remove the disorder. Panchkarma treatment procedures like Nasya, Snehapan and Veerachana are also very effective for migraine remedies.

Ayurvedic treatment for migraine !

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