Everything you need to know about pregnancy

Everything you need to know about pregnancy

Everything you need to know about pregnancy !!

Within the female body, a mature egg is released from the ovary, which establishes the process of ovaries in motion. From a mature egg, one means that the egg is ready for fertilization. For this whole process, there should be a thick uterine wall to support not only the ovaries but also the remaining eggs. Fertilizer occurs when a woman does sexual intercourse and when the sperm is fertilized with fertile eggs.

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Everything you need to know about pregnancy

Women who are not pregnant, they embrace many of their blood flow. These clots are thick walls of the uterus, which are not able to successfully find the fertilized egg themselves.
Everything you need to know about pregnancy

Changes after implantation occurs:

  • >Whereas implantation occurs, there is little pain in the area of ​​the stomach, which can cause stains in the next few days. For some women, these spots are close to their regular menstrual cycle.
  • >In the first few weeks, there are large internal changes in the stomach such as the secretion of the hormones and the fetus is putting itself on the soft layer of the uterus. Pain during this time is an essential factor.
  • >As soon as there is progress in pregnancy, in the last weeks of the third month and fourth month, women may experience transfer pain, which can last from 2 hours to 48 hours. This is because the walls of the uterus should be coarse over time to support the growing child.
  • >The best and most reliable way to check pregnancy conditions and to study fetal movements is to get ultrasound.

The signs of the next pregnancy promptly ask for fatigue and urination. The latter occurs because the uterus is swollen at that time. In addition, morning sickness and breast tenderness are the most common symptoms where a swelling, uncomfortable, troubled, mood swing and excessive deviation of certain food items are experienced. In addition, the breast feels more tender than usual. This is okay because the body passes through the hormones and is ready to produce milk.

  • >This shadow of the clot is a contract for pregnant women and should be taken as a sign of potential abortion. Here are some facts about what you should know about ovulation:
  • Most women confuse ovaries with menstrual period. Even when you are not doing menstruation, even then there is a possibility of being in the ovaries.
  • >Ovulation can sometimes cause spotting and minor spasms in the lower abdomen, which is quite common.
  • >For mature and the remaining eggs, it takes at least 6-12 days for the egg to be implanted in the uterus of the woman.

However, women should also understand that these symptoms can vary from women to women in intensity and duration because it depends on their physical stamina and body type. Your monthly cycle is being remembered in the most widely known and most obvious symptom. In this case, some women also have stains in the spot. In all possibilities, home pregnancy testing is a way to confirm pregnancy. These kits are easily available in drug stores.

Everything you need to know about pregnancy

Meet a doctor before planning a pregnancy

  • >Ask your doctor:
  • >family planning
  • >Taking folic acid
  • >Vaccination and screening, such as screening for sexually transmitted infections
  • >Diabetes investigation, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, obesity, depression, eating disorders, and asthma
  • >Pre-pregnancy diet
  • >Healthy body weight for nutrition for a child
  • >Physical hygiene to avoid overweight
  • >Dental care
  • >avoid stress
  • >Impact of smoking and forgetting alcohol
  • >Knowing risk factors before and after pregnancy
  • >Any disease that runs in your genes and is likely to affect your future child.

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Everything you need to know about pregnancy

Tips on getting pregnant

Avoid taking stress.

Stay on the bed after sex - Opportunities for growing penis Staying in bed for 15 to 20 minutes increases the chances of pregnancy. After sexual intercourse, keep your feet in the air to raise the vagina or to put a pillow under the hips.

Keep track of your period - it is one of the most important steps to ensure pregnancy. The probability of getting pregnant with having sex during ovaries is the ovulation after about 14 days of your last menstrual cycle. Over-the-counter available ovulation test kits are available that help you find the duration of your ovaries. During ovaries, the basal temperature also increases slightly compared to other days.

  • >Stay away from unhealthy edibles and eat more reproductive foods.
  • >Quit smoking, drinking and drug abuse.

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